4 Pickups 1 Delivery - 1 Driver
4 Pickups
1 Delivery
1 Driver

Four-N-One is an on-demand app delivery service. You shop directly on the app from your favorite retailers, restaurants, and services. We pick up your orders from up to 4 different places and deliver everything at 1-time. On-demand (3 hours) or schedule a day and time.

About 4N1

Safe & Convenient Delivery Options  

Four-N-One Delivery isn’t like other delivery apps that focus on just food or grocery delivery. Everyone is busy and everyone is trying to juggle it all, while the need for delivery has only increased. Yet people can’t always get what they need quickly and easily.

With Four-N-One, you have the power to knock four key errands off of your list without leaving home or work. By expanding the range of businesses to choose from, and offering four local pickups in a single order, Four-N-One offers something to busy individuals that no other app can—and corners a key market that’s only going to grow.

The metro Atlanta, GA area will serve as the pilot delivery radius for Four-N-One, with plans to expand nationwide.

Meet the Founder & CEO, Amy L. Russell  

Amy Russell believes that she was born to be an entrepreneur to make a difference. As a serial entrepreneur, she started a delivery company, Menus on the Move, back in the 1990s. 

This is back when multiple-choice restaurant delivery services were new to the market. She created business contracts and partnered with 23 restaurants in the Atlanta downtown area.

Her company was the second restaurant delivery service of this kind in Atlanta, GA, and the only Black Woman owned.

Fast forward to the pandemic, when her limousine business, ALR Chauffeured Transportation was hit especially hard. After operating for eight years, Amy had to pivot the company in April 2020 as a direct result of Covid-19.

After continuous prayer, with an unwavering desire to get her staff back to work, the idea of Four-N-One was born.

Now, Amy is leading her Senior Team to launch this innovative startup, positioned to disrupt the delivery industry, while meeting the needs of today’s busy consumer.   

4 Pickups. 1 Delivery. 1 Driver. On demand (3 hours), or scheduled delivery for your convenience.