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4 pickups, 1 Delivery

Four-N-One Delivery

Four-N-One Delivery is the delivery service designed to get you what you need when you need it.

Shop directly on the app, from your favorite retailers and restaurants.

Unlike other delivery services, Four-N-One lets you shop directly from up to 4 separate locations all in 1 order, then get it delivered the same day by our reliable drivers. We pickup everyday necessities for your convenience.

Click the button to watch the brief video below, to learn more about Four-N-One Delivery.

Why invest in a delivery app?

Four-N-One Delivery isn’t like other delivery apps that focus on just food or grocery delivery. Everyone is busy and everyone is trying to juggle it all, while the need for delivery has only increased. Yet people can’t always get what they need quickly and easily.

With Four-N-One, you have the power to knock four key errands off of your list without leaving home or work. By expanding the range of businesses to choose from, and offering four local pickups in a single order, Four-N-One offers something to busy individuals that no other app can—and corners a key market that’s only going to grow.

Investment tiers are specifically created to encourage new investors to get a foot in the market and share in Four-N-One’s success. Investment in Four-N-One also helps build stronger communities by bolstering local business growth, and providing a robust workforce of trained drivers.

US Food Delivery App Revenue

Opportunities to scale are only going to grow. The current U.S. same-day delivery market is projected to grow from $9.73 billion by 2024 (Business Wire 2020)


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How customers benefit

  • Order from up to 4 different locations
  • Completely custom ordering
  • Convenient on-demand delivery, or schedule a day & time delivery
  • Real-time delivery tracking

How businesses benefit

  • Gain a steady new profit stream
  • Skip setting up a delivery program
  • Increase exposure to new potential customers

How it works

Choose from the hundreds of businesses we will partner with, or use our geocoding direct address entry option to specify a unique location or delivery that you need—for example, picking up meds from the pharmacy.



Place an order via the Four-N-One Delivery app or site. Select immediate delivery or select a future time.



Get text message alerts about your driver’s progress in real-time as each order is picked up.



Get your order delivered quickly right to your door via safe social distancing practices.

Meet the CEO & Visionary,
Amy L. Russell

Four-N-One Delivery is Amy’s Covid-19 lemons to lemonade blessing. She prayed that her staff and business would come out of Covid-19 better than they came in to it. So she asked God to show her how to get her team back to work, and help other people in the process.

Amy L. Russell
Amy L. Russell

Founder & CEO

A Bag of Lemons

Amy has owned and operated a limousine business, ALR Chauffeured Transportation for eight years. By the 3rd week of March 2020, 75% of the company’s reservations were cancelled. She thought, “how can I stay in business”?

She had to make a change, to adjust, so she began to apply for every business resource to get money for her staff and company.

A Lemonade Blessing

When she read the negative articles about the price gauging of restaurant delivery services because they were taking advantage of Covid-19, a lightbulb went off. She recognized an opening in the delivery industry. She wondered how she could help people stay safe and get the things they need in the midst of the storm.

A New Delivery Service Concept

That is when Amy came up with the idea for a new delivery service concept. She recognized the need to  pivot the company to stay in business. At the time she did not have any financial resources for the pivot, but she had two key things going for her: an idea that has become an answer to her prayer, and experience in the restaurant delivery Industry.

Applying Experience to a New Startup

Amy Russell believes that she was born to be an entrepreneur to make a difference. As a serial entrepreneur, she started a delivery company, Menus on the Move, back in the 1990s. 

This is back when multiple-choice restaurant delivery services were new to the market. She created business contracts and partnered with 23 restaurants in the Atlanta downtown area. 

Menus on the Move was the second restaurant delivery service of this kind in Atlanta, and the only one that was Black Woman owned. Fast forward, and she had the idea of Four-N-One Delivery.

4 Pickups. 1 Delivery. 1 Driver.

A delivery service that provides customers safe, convenient delivery options for the small necessities we need in our lives.

If you see the vision of Four-N-One Delivery, then you are invited to invest at the ground level. Be a part of the Four-N-One Delivery success story.

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Helping local businesses to connect with new customers is part of our mission, and we’re always looking for new options to offer our customers. Reach out to us to tell us more about your business, and we’ll be happy to get in touch.

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Four-N-One Delivery, Inc.
1333 Cedar Grove Road
Ste. 1075
Conley, GA 30288

Minimum Investment $250
Maximum Investment $50,000


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