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Business Growth

Partner with 4N1

Grow Your Sales

When partnering with Four-N-One you have added a new arm to your current book of business. Your restaurant, retail or service businesses are featured on a New and Innovative Platform with a brand-new customer base. Four-N-One will pick up from up to four different locations to fulfill customer’s orders with one delivery and one driver at a cost-effective price point.

Increase Your Brand Awareness

The Four-N-One Technology Platform allows you to market your business online, increasing your customer reach and sales.

Partner with 4N1
Partner with 4N1

Get Online

The Four-N-One Platforms offers a variety of merchant choices.  You have access to customers looking for a larger variety of restaurants, retail products and services. This instantly enlarges your potential customer base. Hence, you are reaching a much broader base of consumers exclusive to the Four-N-One platform.

Here's How Four-N-One Works

Up to 4 Pick Up Locations

Four-N-One will pick up from up to four different retail stores, services, or restaurants in one Order for a cost-effective delivery fee of $35. This business model allows Four-N-One to keep the Merchant cost to a nominal 15% delivery service fee.

Delivery At One Time
Partner Retailers

On Demand or Scheduled deliveries… All Items are delivered to the customer at one time.
On Demand deliveries are for your more pressing and immediate requirements. Customers can place their orders, and we will deliver the order within a three-hour delivery window. At your convenience; you can schedule a day and time for delivery.

By One Driver
Partner Services

Four-N-One will pick up from up to four different retail stores, restaurants, or services to fulfill the customers’ order with one delivery and one driver at a cost-effective price.  Simple convenience at the customers fingertips!

What Is the benefit of

  • Four-N-One will increase your consumer reach through the Four-N-One marketplace, growing your business and increasing your sales.
  • Four-N-One is cost effective because our delivery model picks up to 4 deliveries within one order. This allow Four-N-One to offer each merchant a competitive 15% delivery service fee, ensuring the merchant pays the lowest delivery service fee in delivery industry.
  • Consumers will utilize the Four-N-One delivery platform as we offer delivery from multiple merchant types within one delivery order. This provides the consumer a broader range of products and services to choose from, whether shopping from home or at office.

What are the Four-N-One technology options.

Four-N-One has four different technology options. Your Account Advocate will assist the merchant in choosing the technology platform best suited for business.

  1. Application Programing Interface (API)
  2. Point of Sale (POS)
  3. Tablet Rental
  4. Merchant has own equipment, Four-N-One Account Advocate will setup Four-N-One Technology.

What are the Four-N-One delivery set up fees?


  1. One time technology set up fee
  2. 15% merchant delivery fee
  3. Monthly technology equipment rental fee

Four-N-One cares about your bottom line. There are zero hidden fees.

Each merchant partner pays a 15% delivery fee, a 1-time set up fee, and a nominal monthly equipment rental fee.

Partner with 4N1

Promote Your Business Brand Awareness

Marketing with Four-N-One provides a new and innovative platform to preview your business. Using the new Four-N-One platform, a new customer base will have access to your business and special promotions. Increase your SEO and increase your visibility by featuring your products, services, or restaurant on the Four-N-One Website.

Web Links

Cross promotion will provide a mutual benefit for both our Merchant Partner and Four-N-One!! Inform customers that you offer delivery by adding a Four-N-One web link to your website, email or social channels sending them directly to your Four-N-One page.

Partner with 4N1

Customer Corner

I’m so excited about Four-N-One service! When Amy shared her business concept with me a few weeks ago, I was blown away immediately. As a career woman, my girlfriends and I are always saying...we need an assistant to take care of the errands we just can’t do and make sure we remain focused on being everything to everyone! However, we don’t have personal assistant finances. With Four-N-One, we can have someone that’s dependable to pick up our groceries or take out order, pharmacy requests, dry cleaning, and that special bottle of wine for dinner while still staying on top of all demands! I can’t tell you how often I need to get away to grab something and my day gets away from me. I’ve been a long-term customer of ALR, so I know the dependability and high quality of customer service they provide. This on-demand delivery service accessed by an app will be like having my own personal assistant at my fingertips. The quality of Amy Russell, matched with the need for this level of support, offers assistance that will always feel personal!!! I was excited when she shared this idea with me and now, I’m ecstatic that it is coming to fruition. I will definitely be a top customer and share it with all the people I know who need one extra hand to make it through an ordinary day. Four-N-One will be a life saver.

Dr. Sonja Hollins-Alexander
Educational Consultant and Author and/or Director of Professional Learning

customer feedback

Customer Feedback

The Four-N-One Merchant Portal will also allow you to see how you are performing from your customers Point of View. You will be able to see the customers ratings of your business as well as any concerns. You will be able to address the customer concerns immediately and protect your businesses brand.