4 Pickups 1 Delivery - 1 Driver
4 Pickups
1 Delivery
1 Driver

Four-N-One Return / Refund Policy

  1. Refunds will be issued for predetermined customer ordered products.
  2. What are those dollar limits without the customer having to return the item?
  3. All returns paid out by Four-N-One due to vendor issues will be recouped from the merchant by Four-N-One. The money will be subtracted from the merchant reimbursement to compensate Four-N-One.

If a customer wants to return an item to the store for a refund, for a refundable item, the refund is according to the store’s return policy. The Four-N-One email will constitute a valid receipt for Merchant the Partner.

Termination of Agreement

Four-N-One and the Merchant Partner has the right to terminate a merchant agreement at any time with both parties giving a 30-day notice from date of request. (We will add an exception clause for termination immediately)

The merchant may not contact the Four-N-One customer directly for any reason.

Four-N-One customer service will document any online refund request and will communicate that information back to the merchant. The merchant will have a transparent understanding of why the money was deducted from their account.

Four-N-One Safety Protocol

  • Four-N-One is committed to our Merchants' and Customers' safety.
  • Four-N-One Drivers will always wear a safety mask.
  • Four-N-One drivers will use hand sanitizer before and after every delivery.
  • Four-N-One drivers have committed to the Four-N-One safety protocol as part of their employment agreement.
  • Four-N-One will provide a contactless free delivery experience.
4N1 Community

Community Initiative

Four-N-One is dedicated to creating a One Stop Shop for our Merchant Partners, AND we are also dedicated to building and improving the quality of life for all people. In addition to partnering with local businesses, we are also investing back into our community. Four-N-One is creating jobs within the communities we serve. We are hiring drivers, sales representatives, and customer service team members. We want everyone to be a part of the Four-N-One success at every level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Four-N-One?

Four-N-One is an on-demand app delivery service. Customers shop directly on the app from their favorite retailers, restaurants, and services. We pick up customer orders from up to 4 different places and deliver everything at 1-time, on-demand 3 hours or less, or schedule a day and time for delivery.